Tournament regulations

  1. The entry fee € 65,- should be paid on registration in the Activia sports hall.

  2. Before the first match players' cards will be checked. 2023: mini 6: born on 01-01-2011 or later; mini 5 born on 01-01-2012 or later. Age restrictions will be strictly followed. Teams consist of at least 5 players.

  3. Activia Organization will provide referees. Team first mentioned will provide someone to keep the scoreboard.

  4. Matches are played according to the official rules and regulations of NeVoBo Cool Moves Volleyball to be found on website Exceptions:  dimensions of court: badminton-court (blue line) outer sidelines and inner backline. Players can be exchanged according to same rules as in regular volleyball (exchanges must not lead to time delay; continuously re-entering at service spot is allowed, not obliged). After 3 successful services the next player has to serve. Serve can be overhead or underhand at level 5 and 6. There will be no bonus points at level 5. Netfaults and attack technique following regular volleyball rules: examples: net mistakes, stolen ball, double contact or lifted ball, foot completely over middle-line.

  5. Competition forms will be provided by the organization and have to be used.

  6. On late arrival the team concerned will be punished 5 points starting at 0-5 On too late arrival or not appearing the match will be lost 0-4.

  7. Playing time will be 2 sets of 12 minutes. Sides will be changed. The first mentioned team will receive the first service. At the beginning and end of the sets there will be clear warning signals. Between the sets there is some time for timeout. During the match it is not possible to have a time-out.

  8. At the sound of the end of set signal the set is immediately over. The current rally has to be stopped and doesn’t count for the final result of the match.

  9. Beside the field there will be maximum 2 coaches to coach the team.

  10. Players have to wear uniform dress.

    Results and scores

  11. Two sets will be played.

  12. Division of points for a match: Every set that was won brings 2 points. Every set that ended in a draw brings 1 point for each team. Every lost set brings 0 points.

  13. The results of a team that is excluded from further participation or is retired by its club will be cancelled. The team will be removed from the scores.

  14. If two or more teams have the same final score in the group phase, the decision on every relevant position will be made on the following grounds:

                The order of ranking via the result of the of the matches between themselves: a) the team that has won most of the matches between themselves is ranked higher.

                If the teams concerned have won & lost an equal number of matches between themselves: b) the team with the best point-score (quotiënt of achieved number of points scored

                for and against the sets) of the matsches between themselves gets higher ranked.

                If this point score quotiënt is equal: c) the team with the best point-score (quotiënt of achieved number of points scored for and against in the sets) of all the matches gets higher


               If this point score quotiënt is equal: d) Lots will be drawn by means of a toss to decide the final score. e) If, after the group phase, two teams have an equal score of set points and

               subsequently an equal number of point-scores after two sets, then they will immediately have to play on until 1 team has gained 3 points after tossing for serve. Players will take up

               the positions of the end of the match.